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What is Outsourced HR?


Thank you for visiting Exodus HR’s new site and welcome to our first blog post. We hope you are finding the site informative and easy to navigate. You may be looking for more information about us or considering our services. If you are new to Human Resource & Payroll outsourcing you may be wondering why an organization should consider outsourcing as an option for their business or you may be looking for information on what HR outsourcing is. With our ongoing blog posts we hope to provide you that information, so you may determine if outsourcing could be the right fit for your organization.

What is Outsourced HR?

The Basics

As your company grows you’ll need to ensure that you are staying compliant with current changes in labor regulations while also maintaining a positive company culture. Maybe you don’t have internal HR expertise to keep up with the always-changing employment regulations? Or perhaps you have a CEO, company owner, CFO, accountant or office manager who is also handling Human Resource functions. Because HR is a complicated and ever changing aspect of your organization, it can be difficult to keep up with all the important details and regulation changes unless you have a dedicated expert in the field. If you’re juggling multiple roles it may just be a matter of time before a ball is dropped that could lead to employee dissatisfaction or subject your company to serious legal issues.

Most organizations realize that their employees are their greatest asset, and just like any other valued asset, they should be doing things to right way to ensure they are cared for and protected. Using an outsourced HR company can often be the easiest, most cost-effective and efficient way to ensure your greatest assets receive the care they deserve and that the organization is protected as well. Organizations may choose to outsource some or all of their HR functions and can expect to experience the following advantages by doing so.

Advantages to Outsourcing HR Functions:

  • Risk Management
    Employment labor laws change frequently and it can be difficult for employers to keep up. HR outsourcing firms can provide that HR expertise with a person or team whose purpose is to keep up with changing federal and state employment laws.
  • Employee Development
    Outsourcing HR processes can help businesses manage employee performance and development. This can reduce the workload that managers may have by reducing some of their administrative responsibilities.
  • Efficiency
    Outsourcing HR functions can create a more efficient work force. Advanced HR technology utilized by HR outsourcing providers can streamline important HR processes like time & attendance, payroll, benefit administration and compliance management. Outsourcing these administrative functions can allow employers and managers to focus on achieving important objectives of the business instead of administrative tasks.
  • Cost Savings
    HR outsourcing can also help reduce the cost of nonrevenue generating back office expenses. A fully functional HR department requires a highly trained staff and often additional overhead expenses such as office space and equipment. Outsourcing HR firms can provide a team of HR experts, payroll department, time & attendance functions and benefit support—often for less than the cost of a full or part time employee.

Why Exodus HR? 

These are just a few of the many advantages organizations find when choosing to outsource some or all of their HR functions—all of which can be achieved by partnering with Exodus HR. If you or your organization is considering taking advantage of an outsourced HR department. Exodus HR would love to discuss your needs and goals for your organization with you.

Our goal is to lead our partners to their Path to Business Freedom to allow them to spend their valuable time focusing on accomplishing business goals and growing their business. Partnering with Exodus HR would allow you to alleviate tactical tasks, stay compliant, do more with less, and attract and retain top talent.

Why choose Exodus HR? Simple. Our personal service, industry expertise, and dedication to your success is the very core who we are as a company. We provide our partners with a HR service manager who is personally dedicated to you and your business. We also provide a team of payroll providers and risk & safety mangers to ensure that all of our partners’ greatest assets are protected.

If you would like to learn more about HR outsourcing and how Exodus HR could lead you to Your Path to Business Freedom, please contact us though this form.

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While we partner with businesses in many ways, all of our personalized HR services revolve around their most valuable assets—their employees. These tailored, outsourced HR solutions help them to attract and retain top talent, reduce employee risks, eliminate administrative tasks, and provide other customized human resource solutions.