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Client Spotlight: Memo’s Mexican Kitchen

Every day, our Exodus HR specialists have the pleasure of working with our incredible clients, simplifying their HR processes so they can focus on company growth and success. While improving performance is always top of mind, we find equal satisfaction in helping dedicated business owners reach their goals with the help of our HR solutions and expertise. At the heart of every business lies the people who champion it, and we’re proud to support our clients on their journeys to achieve successwhatever that looks like to them.

Our new client spotlight series will showcase the amazing humans who we get to call our clients, their businesses, their stories, and their wins. We’re kicking off the series with our clients Katie and Memo Murillo, the owners of Memo’s Mexican Kitchen located in Mount Juliet, TN. Memo’s Mexican Kitchen offers authentic Mexican food with a modern twist. 


How Memo’s Mexican Kitchen Came to Be

At the age of 15, Memo immigrated to the United States in search of the American dream. It was his conviction that with hard work and a strong vision, he would be able to provide for his family and make his dream of owning a restaurant come true. Through hard work and perseverance, he worked his way up to work from a dishwasher to a prep cook and learned the complexities of cooking in a Mexican restaurant. Once he was thoroughly trained with the kitchen, he was promoted and set to work at the front of the restaurant as a server. 

In 2006, Memo moved to Tennessee and worked as a part-time server in the El Rey Azteca Mexican Restaurant. He also worked as a construction worker during the week. Despite the fact that he already had a job in construction, he could not see himself far from the kitchen. Once the Great Recession hit, he continued working at El Rey Azteca full time. In 2011, he along with four other investors bought El Rey Azteca. His role changed from server, to restaurant owner and manager of the entire restaurant. The investors took a back seat as silent partners. 

In 2012, Memo met his wife Katie while working the front of the restaurant. After a whirlwind romance, he married Katie a year later. Quickly realized that Katie and Memo were a great team due to Katie’s experience in business finances and Memo’s experience in the food industry. In 2017, Memo was able to purchase El Rey Azteca with the intention of turning it into a fresh, new restaurant now known as Memo’s Mexican Kitchen

Memo’s Mexican Kitchen Today

Katie and Memo sincerely appreciate the payroll and HR assistance that EHR affords them, and they’ve been able to spend their precious time focused on other facets of Memo’s Mexican Kitchen as a result of the help. Katie remarked, “This company is worth their weight in gold.” Prior to partnering with us, the Murillo’s didn’t have anyone overseeing Human Resources policy and procedure, and they’ve learned to, in Katie’s words, “document, document, document any employee situations.”’

Katie and Memo come to EHR with questions and requests for assistance whenever they stumble into situations that they’re not familiar with, and their vision for Memo’s Mexican Kitchen is slow growth at a steady pace. 

Discover’s Memo’s menu on their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @Memosmexicankitchen. 


Exodus HR Group is helping Memo’s Mexican Kitchen achieve its goals by offering support and consultation along the way. Do you know any other small businesses who could benefit from HR or payroll services? We would be delighted to help alleviate distractions and simplify HR and payroll processes so more businesses can flourish. Encourage your friends and family to contact Exodus HR at (615) 488-3314 to learn more about how we can help support their employees, growth, and success.

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