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The UKG Ready HCM Experience

Revolutionizing How We Work Together

Consumer technology delivers simplicity and convenience to make life easier. Shouldn’t you expect the same from the solutions you use at work? Exodus HR Group, in partnership with UKG, is revolutionizing how people experience work – from pre-hire to retire – through an intuitive, responsive Human Capital Management platform.

Human Resource Mgmt.

Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Benefits Management, and more

Payroll Mgmt.

Employee Self-Service, Tax Filing, paycheck distribution and more

Time and Attendance

Mobile time and attendance, absence and leave, accruals, and more

Services Overview

'Up' Your HR Game

Our HCM platform is a seamless one-stop-shop experience that engages, delights, and empowers your people to perform at their full potential. Exodus HR Group’s HCM platform is the foundation where information is maintained and accessed for all services provided to our client partners.

Payroll Management

Time and Attendance

It's time to save time.

While we partner with businesses in many ways, all of our personalized HR services revolve around their most valuable assets—their employees. These tailored, outsourced HR solutions help them to attract and retain top talent, reduce employee risks, eliminate administrative tasks, and provide other customized human resource solutions.